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If you have a specific tutorial you’d like to be made, let us know in the comments so we can review it. I’f you would like to contribute a tutorial of your own, point us to it so we can feature it.

Tutorials Language
Pencil2D Vector & Bitmap Coloring Overview English
Making Animated GIF's with Pencil2D & GifAnimation Application English
How to Copy & Paste Drawings in Pencil2D English
Pencil2D to Blender VSE English
Pencil2D to Shotcut English
Other Pencil English Tutorials English / No Audio
Other Pencil Spanish Tutorials Spanish / No Audio
Other Pencil Portuguese Tutorials Portuguese

Pencil2D Vector & Bitmap Coloring Overview

In here we discuss the clean-up & coloring methods that you can use in Pencil2D. To know what kind of contents are covered read the description on the Youtube page.

Pencil2D Vector & Bitmap Coloring Overview

Making Animated GIF’s with Pencil2D & GifAnimation Application

Get GifAnimation App HERE

Note#1: The GifAnimation App software is only available for Windows & Linux.

Note#2: MAC users will be able to apply the same principles found in the video. However you will have to search for a suitable Gif Maker that works with your MAC OS. GifFun (link) has been recommended, but we currently cannot confirm it’s functionality, so use it at your own risk.

Make Animated GIF's with Pencil2D & Gifnimation App

How to Copy & Paste Drawings in Pencil2D

(+Bonus: Drawing Flip Cheat)

How to Copy & Paste Drawing in Pencil2D


Pencil2D to Blender VSE

Get Blender HERE

Pencil2D to Blender VSE

Pencil2D to Shotcut

Get Shotcut HERE

Note: The Quality of this tutorial is lower than intended, please watch it with attentiveness to get most of it.

Pencil2D to Shotcut


Note: The following Video Tutorials were created by OTHER USERS for older versions of “Pencil” and most of their authors will probably not answer your questions as some of them stopped using the program years ago, however the information is still relevant in most cases. We cannot guarantee the quality of these videos so watch them at your own risk.

(English) Pencil2D Video Tutorials Playlist

(Spanish) Pencil2D Video Tutorials Playlist (Some have no sound so it’s ok to watch & learn)

(Portuguese) Pencil2D Video Tutorials Playlist