Pencil2D is an open source project; all the code, documents and website are contributed by our community of volunteers. Here you can learn about how to contribute to the Pencil2D project.

There are lots of ways to contribute to the Pencil2D project: coding, testing, improving the translation, or contributing to the documentation. This guide provides useful information that help you get started as a Pencil2D contributor.

Source Code

The Pencil2D source code can be obtained either by downloading a source archive, or by using a Git (source control) client. If you are just starting out or you want to build a particular Pencil2D release, downloading a source archive is recommended. Otherwise, get the Source Code via Git.

Pencil2D source code is released under GPLv2.

Report a Bug or Request a Feature

Want to help translate the Pencil2D UI?

  • Just go to Onesky, a online translation collaboration platform.